The Good News! Actually, the Greatest News of All!

Today I went to Wal-Mart, which I think sometimes I do almost every day!!! (I need to be more organized.) Marilyn was checking out the gentleman in front of me, and it was obvious she was in a BAD MOOD!!! Now granted, the cash register was giving her a hard time, but still, no friendly Wal-mart smile or greeting came our way, just some grunts and snide remarks. I thought, wow, this lady needs a gospel tract.

Hold it! So, when people see me when I am grumpy, is that what they think??? Maybe yesterday Scott wanted to give me a gospel tract :)

The conviction comes that I need to be more organized with not only my shopping habits, but also my witnessing habits!

So I came up with a smile and said, "Hi Marilyn!" She checked me out while she grumbled, and then I gave her my new favorite - it says Thanks in big letters on the front, and I said, "Thanks, Marilyn. I appreciate your good service." She looked at it, and said, "I bet this is from church." I said, "It IS about the Bible." Marilyn: "Well, I go to church." Me: "Oh good, then you will really be able to appreciate what this says." Marilyn: "Well, I am going to read this on my break, then."

Thank the Lord that He can use my stumbling, bumbling, unorganized ways to bring the gospel to someone. Only the Lord knows if Marilyn is saved already, but I have seen how the words in a gospel tract can change a person's life - for eternity.

So, pray for Marilyn tonight as she takes a break from a tough day and reads the good news - actually, the greatest news of all!!!


HopiQ said...

Yeah!!! I just said a prayer for Marilyn. God's working!

There's something in me that responds to 'grumpy' cashiers, too. I try to strike up a conversation and hope to leave them smiling. :) I haven't given out tracts. I will have to stash some in my purse!

The Daniel Den said...

Lynn- Thanks for the encouragement!!! I love how the Lord can use us. Imperfect and fumbling at all times yet willing if we will let him. That cashier and everyone we ever cross. (that is alot of people need the Lord Jesus!!