The Most Heard Phrases...

What are the most common phrases used in your household??? Scott asked me the other day where I see myself in 5 years - my answer was, "Well, I'll have a teenage boy, and an extremely emotional pre-teen girl! That about sums it up!!!" Then we were laughing about the fact that we will probably be saying the same things in 5 years...

"Rebekah, Control Your Emotions!"

"Danny, Please Go (and do whatever it was we already told you to do about 5 times)"
(((he gets sidetracked very easily :) )))

So, what are the things you find yourself saying over and over again?


The Daniel Den said...

I would like a good report.
You need to have a good attitude.
(these are Christians)
What kind of words do we use?
....kind words.....

You need to have a good attitude and a preety face.

My favorite is when I pick him up from somewhere.
I have a good report mom... do you?

dave & rachel said...

We often find ourselves saying,

"Keep your hands off your brother!"


"Put a good attitude on your face" :)

From Ethan, we hear,

"Mom, I'm hungry!"

andyandjenica said...

Andy says: "Happy up!"
"what was your favorite thing about today?"
"what was the worst thing about today?"
"I bet it's in you ear"(if they've lost something and then pretends to pull it out. Even Leyla still falls for this.)

I say: "No fussing"
"Happy heart, cheerful heart"

"I love you too much to let you act that way"

"Uhhh, do you need to go to the bathroom?" (as they put their hand's "there". Hopefully I won't say this in 5 years!)

Carl and Tisara said...

Tobias says "Up Boo" everytime he wants us to pick him up to go play. He also goes around the house signing "please". He does it so much, sometimes he even does it in his sleep!