"Mom, we need help because we can't figure out what to do." (tears and sobs)

Danny: "Well, you see, I want a slave for my office, and I thought Rebekah could be my slave. But she will only be my slave if she can leave my office and I really want a slave who will be there all the time - so I chose someone else." (must be that other invisible sister)

Mom: "Well, if you are going to play together, you need to learn to compromise. And not just one of you - both of you. What about if Rebekah is your slave (am I really saying this?) whom you give special permission to leave sometimes. She can't just leave whenever she wants (since she's a slave), but you give her certain times when she can leave the office. (I think it's a lego office) "

Rebekah: "Okay, but I'll only agree if we can have a new secret handshake."

That compromise is still under discussion...


Anonymous said...

How funny! Kids sure come up with some doozies, just when you least expect it.

Reagan said...

Such an interesting fight...So I never thought that there were actually "slaves" in an office setting! That's pretty funny stuff:)

Tracy said...

Oh Lynn, you had me laughing out loud - that is HILARIOUS! :) Did I ever tell you... I think your kids are soo precious - you guys are doing a great job with them. :)