It never gets old!!!

It's so great to have Scott home and get back on a somewhat normal schedule around here. We started our morning off with breakfast, prayer and singing around the piano. Someone recommended that to us, and we have found it helps start school off with good attitudes - and it is also just so much fun! So today was the girls day to each pick a hymn, and this is what Rebekah chose. I felt like I was noticing the words for the first time! Read to the end - the last verse is great!

Tell me the old, old story of unseen things above
Of Jesus and His glory
Of Jesus and His love.
Tell me the story simply, as to a little child
For I am weak and weary, and helpless and defiled
**Tell me the old, old story (x3)
of Jesus and His love!
Tell me the story slowly that I may take it in
That wonderful redemption
God's remedy for sin
Tell me the story often, for I forget so soon
The 'early dew' of morning Has passed away at noon
Tell me the story softly with earnest tones and grave
Remember, I'm the sinner
Whom Jesus came to save
Tell me the story always, if you would really be
In any time of trouble
A comforter to me!
Tell me the same old story, when you have cause to fear
That this world's empty glory is costing me too dear
Yes, and when that world's glory is dawning on my soul
Tell me the old, old story
"Christ Jesus makes thee whole"


Shawna said...

"I forget too soon"

I love that hymn.

Tracy said...

Beautiful... thanks for sharing, Lynn... and for letting the light of Jesus shine in you.

Blessings. :)

Anonymous said...

Lynn! Great blog! Thanks for your note. Your kiddos are so cute and BIG!! I love all your great insight and that hymn is one of my all time favorites, way to go Rebekah!

Kim Williams said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts!

oh, and thanks for sharing Scott!

it was so great to see him and hear him preach the WORD!!!!

Eryn said...

wow, i love that hymn too. the words get you everytime.