Out with the old...in with the new!

Today was a momentous occasion at the DeGroff house! We said goodbye to our old oven! There was not even a hint of sadness as we watched it go!!!

Our oven was so old we had seen it in antique stores and there were parts we could no longer replace!

The story is amazing, really! We've needed an oven for a long time. I have had numerous fires, almost everything burns because of the uneven temperatures, and I have more recently been without the ability to broil, which has been very sad, since we love nachos and frittatas! Anyhow, a friend called from shopping at Sears the other day and had found this oven in the clearance room. It was originally a floor model, priced at $1250. They had taken it off the floor and had it in this tiny little clearance room I didn't even know existed! It had sat there for months, being marked down to $950, then to $450, and now to $250! So, basically, we got a $1250 oven for $250 - never heard of the brand, but I figured, if it originally cost that much, then it's got to be better than we had! And it comes with Sears full warranty. So, we thought it was worth taking a chance. But then, after already having bought it - we were telling some friends about it - and discovered it is a top of the line oven! Isn't that just like the Lord??? :) What a blessing!!!

Meet our new Jenn-air!

Here are some of the things I am really excited about!!!

1. no fires!
2. even temperatures!
3. it has a timer!
4. it has a clock!
5. it is self-cleaning!
6. it actually tells me when it is pre-heated!
7. I can set it and leave it!
8. it is beautiful!
9. all of the buttons on it work!
10. I can program favorite settings - like for bread and cookies!!!

oh, and did I mention that I can use it in English, French or Spanish, fahrenheit or celsius, even true Sabbath Mode, whatever that is!! (maybe it means I can put food it in on Sundays and come home and it will be ready - imagine that) I think this may be life-changing for me, and maybe I will be able to put batteries back in my smoke alarms - I suppose that could be a good thing :)


debbie said...

Yeah, Jenn-Air is supposed to be a good brand. That is truly amazing! What a good God we have, who will supply our needs as well as throw in little blessings like that =).

Jessie said...

Awesome!! That is so exciting! The Lord is so good!
So when can we come over and help you break it in :) he he he

Reagan said...

That is soo amazing! Congratulations! I was always so nervous to use it because I new it had some very deep issues :0) I love the guy looking at you while he's carrying out the oven. Little did he know he would end up on the blog.

Rachel said...

That is so neat! I'm so happy for you, Lynn. And how special to see the Lord provide for you that way.

HopiQ said...

That is fantastic!!! God is so good! I, too, remember that antique you had. Having a family and being so hospitable, you need a reliable stove to keep all the hungry people fed and happy! :)

meesh said...

Hurray! God is good!

Rory said...

Hi Lynn! Thanks for sharing how the Lord provided this new oven for you! He is so amazing! We have been so humbled and comforted by the Lord and His provisions for us while Sam is looking for a job. He is an awesome provider! What a great God we serve! I'm so glad we belong to the One who is filled with compassion and concern for every detail of our lives!