Adventures of a Little White Hat!

If you know my Rebekah, you know her little white hat. She has worn it for a long time! Well, recently she lost the beloved little white hat, and so I started looking at all the pictures I had of her in it over the last little while. The first picture I found of her in it is over 18 months ago. But that's when I got my computer, so there may be earlier ones somewhere else!

Well, today, I found the hat! She is at camp and doesn't know - she will be ecstatic!!! I am going to mail it to her tomorrow - I so wish I could be there to see her face - she may even cry =0]

This hat has seriously been all over - take a quick journey with me!

in the new house
at the park

in Branson

at brother's 12th birthday

on a date with momma

snuggling a puppy

stripping wallpaper

with a new father's day shirt

on a carousel ride

testing how a Harley feels

plane ride to New Orleans

sailing Lake Ponchatrain

with Louisiana friends

meeting Oscar
(he makes sweet jewelry and the stars all buy from him)
R is wearing her Oscar earrings here

posing with a street performer

singing in a nursing home

with sweet friends at a conference

taking a hopper plane to the Bahamas

snuggling another sweet pup

wearing momma's sunglasses
relaxing in Indiana

staying warm in Iowa

stocking up at the library

another road trip

yummy cupcakes

serving a Valentine's breakfast

swinging at the park

enjoying dippin dots

at a Newsboys concert

climbing a tree

enjoying the beautiful tulips

Wow! How fun was that? And can you see how much she has grown?

Posing for all those pictures wore us out =0]


Reagan said...

When you said she lost her hat the other day I was thinking about how much she wears it too! What a gun thing to do....mail it to camp.

HopiQ said...

I love it that you found it and will send it to camp!!! These pictures are too sweet. Love your girl!

Sherri said...

Lynn, I'm just truly impressed it is still WHITE after all this time. Such a great idea to send it to camp, she will love that! I like your documentary and maybe you should write her a little note from her hat that says it missed traveling with her and couldn't stand to be apart any longer and then list their adventures :)

Jessie said...

So fun to mail it to her :) You should see if someone could take her picture-the look on her face will be priceless :)

Sherri said...

Sooo..... Was she surprised?