Ready for the Festivities!

There's something about getting our trees and lights up that just put us in the mood for the holidays! We went to get our tree this year, and we actually all liked the same one - this is our favorite tree ever! It's branches are so wispy and pretty, and I particularly like the fact that they are not sturdy enough to hold tons of ornaments... in other words, I got to decorate it without all our mass of random and sometimes gaudy ornaments! smile.

And this one is our fake skinny tree for the other window
We wanted a Charlie Brown tree that would not intrude into the sitting area!
(and I like to have trees in both windows to see from the outside!)

My boys were so sweet and put the lights up for me!
We were smarter this year and did not wait for the first snowstorm to go out and decorate!
This is a close-up of our pretty branches!

I do love the holiday season! It is such a fun time of year... not only with Christmas and New Year's, but we also have 7 family birthdays this month! The past couple of weeks I have been enjoying listening to Pandora and for the first time getting a good mix of music, as opposed to being limited to the few Christmas albums I actually own, like in the past. Here's my very favorite Christmas Hymn!