With Sincerest Apologies...

I am in the midst of changing my background and layout (in case you hadn't noticed). I am really quite bummed about it, because I really don't like change that much. I'm not the kind of person who gets the itch to change around my furniture, shop for new things, reorganize, etc... No, I find what I like and I keep it.

But today, we were in Best Buy to get some vacuum cleaner bags. It seems like a weird place to go for that, but it's where I bought my vacuum years ago, and I have always gone back there for bags. But they have so many cool things in there, that we just had to peek around a bit, and play around a bit. Inevitably, we ended up in the Apple section (because we're some of those Mac lovers), and Scott decided to pull up the blog on their big screen computer. And oh, my goodness, were we in for a shock! My cute little blog background that I have used for so long looks a bit different on a large screen! I've never seen it on a bigger monitor, nor had I even considered that it would appear any differently! Let's just say that my cute little legs with knee-hi socks were a bit scandalous in the thigh-hi picture.

So, if you have a large screen and have viewed my blog before, I am SO sorry. Hopefully the fact that nobody ever mentioned it means that you all have small screens as well. =0] Oh well, you live and you learn. I think this new background is looking fairly safe.


Rachel said...

You are hilarious!