Giving Children Tobacco

This morning Danny and I engaged in a very interesting conversation. He wanted to know about tobacco. I proceeded to tell him about how it is bad because it is not only addicting, but that it can give people mouth cancer. To make my point, I gave a nice little description of how nasty that can be and what it can look like. He was looking really concerned, and I thought about how I love the fact that he is very sensitive to that sort of thing. I asked him where he heard of it and why he was asking. "Well," he said, in a rather concerned tone, "Dad said that he was going to put that in my mouth if I keep talking mean to Rebekah!" I could see the questions flashing in his eyes - Why would dad put something in my mouth that would give me cancer? "Either that or soap."

"Oh Danny," I said, "Dad was talking about TOBASCO!!!"


Jeremiah said...

Ugh... pure tobasco. I hated that!

dave & rachel said...

That's hilarious! Good thing you probed further! That could have led to some real questions in his mind!

shawna said...

that is hilarious!

The Daniel Den said...

Micah and I are cracking up!!!