This morning Scott went out to shovel the sidewalk. He slipped on his boots, but no coat, which is typical of him. He used to wear shorts all winter long... So, anyhow, Rebekah looked at me and said, "Why isn't daddy wearing a coat? It's freezing outside!" I said, "I know, babe, sometimes daddy's a little weird." She looked at me all serious and disappointed in me. "No mom, he's not weird. He's just out of his mind!"

(I think the interpretation in her little head was that he just wasn't using his brain to make a good decision - but I just died laughing!)


shawna said...

she sounds like Mrs. J

Scott and Lynn said...

Is that where that expression came from? No wonder I've been hearing it a lot lately! "I just lost my mind, mom," she'll say. Either that or, I dropped my watermelon!!!

The Daniel Den said...

I love it!!!!!