Funny things...

So, we've been on the road for the past couple of weeks, and I've taken lots of pics, but keep forgetting my camera cord... hence the same face to my blog for far too long!!! I still have a week to go at least before I can put up my pics, but in the meantime, I thought I'd share my funny stories....

Last Friday we left home at 6 am to begin our 12 hr. journey to Wisconsin. Rebekah fell back asleep (yeah!) and then woke up at 7:30 am. This conversation with daddy followed.
R: "Dad, are we almost there yet?"
D: "No, sweetie. We are going to be in the car ALL DAY!"
R: "Really, ALL DAY?"
D: "Yeah, it's a really long trip."
(hmmm.... so glad our kids are used to traveling!)

On Sunday night a dear family had us over for dinner. After eating, the father decided to read a Bible story to the kids from a children's book with illustrations. He open to a picture of a priest annointing someone and asked the kids if they could guess the story. Danny said that it looked like someone was anointing David to be king. The dad said, "Well, it's actually not David - but that's a good guess. It's the person who was king AFTER David." So Danny said, "Well then, it's Solomon." The dad said, "Right, so do you know who it is that's anointing him." Rebekah says, "I know - it's First Samuel!"

Yesterday we had a ladies luncheon for the chapel we visited last weekend for a conference. I was asked to share a devotion. So I did, then we sat to chat for awhile. Somewhere along the line, I felt a big lump in my pants, just behind my knee. We were all sitting in a circle - no table - so the lady next to me saw. I was laughing saying I must've gotten a sock stuck in there. Then I said, "Just watch it be underwear!" Well, of course, what do you think I found when I put my hand up my pant leg? Sure enough, in front of all these ladies I had just shared the devotion with - I pull out a nice pair of undies with blue hearts all over them! We just laughed and laughed - I actually wasnt' embarrassed, which surprised me. I think it's because they were all SO nice that I felt very comfortable with them :)

Well, hopefully soon I will get to post all my pics from this trip and the previous! I have video of Rebekah learning how to ride a bike this week, and some of Danny leaving us in the dust with his awesome skiing and snowboarding skills. This week he's trying to get daddy to take him skydiving at the place that's down the road! Hmm.... maybe we can get the whole family in on that one!


dave & rachel said...

Hilarious about the underwear! sounds like you guys are having a good time. :)

shawna said...

so funny! at least it was a tame pair of underwear!!!! ;)

marti said...

I had the same thing happen to me at a restraunt! Horror!!! They slipped out without my knowing until we left and I saw them on the floor. I wondered why people were looking at me so strangely while we ate!

The Lord has many ways to keep us humble. Glad you were in the midst of friends.

April said...

Thanks for the giggles.