Almost spring!

Spring is almost here - and I'm so excited! I just love this time of year because you can't help but be happy - with the gorgeous weather and the fresh air... Right now my kiddos are outside along with 10 neighborhood kids; the parents mingle and renew their relationships, do a little catching up, and look forward to the many days we will sit outside together visiting while our kids play. For me, it represents new opportunities to share the Lord with my neighbors, and to love their children! And it reminds me of that great song I learned at KBC from scripture that says 'Like the spring rain watering the earth, let us press on to know the Lord.'

So, as I get the itch for spring cleaning - I am reminded of the freshness of soul that I feel as I press on to know the Lord and let Him renew me daily!


dave & rachel said...

Looks fun around there!

Scott and Lynn said...

It is fun! I love our neighborhood!

HopiQ said...

I love springtime!

Is this the song...

So let us know,
let us press on to know the Lord
For as surely as the dawn
He will come
And as the dewdrops kiss the morning grass
So He will come to His own.

My faithfulness to Thee has faded away
Like a cloud I could not stand before the sun
I was broken
But then You came
And You made me whole again.
So come, let us return to the Lord.

I love that song! I haven't heard it in ages. Thank you for the reminder.

dave & rachel said...

Yes, Dave and I were just talking about typing it out on an overhead for the chapel. We love that song!

dave & rachel said...

oh wait...we know a different version than Hope does. :) The KBC version.

marti said...

I too love spring. Just today our fruitless plum ( that bears fruit!) popped out with gorgeous blossoms.

Sounds like the Lord really put you in a good place for evangelism! That has been a burden of my heart lately - neighborhood evangelism. I have learned too that when the Lord puts a burden there, he will be bringing the opportunities along soon after.

marti said...

I would love to help you sew - just doesn't seem like a very easy thing to do given the distance. Ask Penny for some help - I'm sure she could help with the bobbin.

I've always thought it would be fun to have a sewing class for young mothers or girls.

shawna said...

I would love to learn to sew too Marti! I bought the same machine as Lynn on Black Friday.