Finally - Colorado!!!

We had SO much fun skiing this year and being able to take Danny with us. He excelled all my expectations, and also all my abilities. When I stopped to take pics from the top of the continental divide, he said, "Mom, I'll just meet you at the bottom. Don't worry about me, I'll stick to the blues." It was all I could do to hold back from micromanaging my 8 yr. old as he learned how to ski. My motherly instincts kicked-in in a way that I'd not experienced before! I didn't want him to get hurt, was paranoid he'd fall over the edge of the mountain, and really was nervous for him. But as soon as I realized that I was saying TOO MUCH, I just stepped back and let him go - and I tell you - he flew!!! His second day on skis and forget the greens - those things were too easy! He wanted to do the harder, faster slopes with the jumps too! I wonder if it's just a boy thing, or if this is the way it will be next time with Rebekah. I am horrified just to think of it.

So here are some pics - haven't gotten the videos to work with my software yet ...

If you look REALLY closely, you'll find 2 familiar people in the lift :)
Danny snowboarding!
The pizza wedge
Cyndi and Lynn
Danny taking pictures of mom
Mastering getting off the lift
Lunch break!!!
A gorgeous view


Scott snowboarding - he's pretty much good at anything he does!


shawna said...

how fun! what great memories to make with Danny!

Jessie said...

I like the picture of you Lynn you look great! It looked like a lot of fun