Birthday Party!!!

For Danny's 9th birthday we went to a ballgame with a couple of friends! It was a whole lot of fun, and it's unbelievable our little guy is old enough to enjoy this :) His first ballgame ever was July 4, 1998 (he was 1 mo. old) KC Royals vs. Cleveland Indians. Manny Ramirez hit 2 home runs for Cleveland's win 2-0. We had to leave during the fireworks because it scared him so much! This game he enjoyed a little more :) Cleveland also won this game 10-3 (p.s. I did mean to put pics of Danny and his friends first, but my pics loaded backwards!)
Royals girl - although I think she cheered the most for 12 hits so we could come home with 7 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts - sorry to say that they didn't even come close.
The 3 stooges! Steven, Danny and Thomas
Kauffman Stadium

It was a gorgeous night!!!

Friendly family rivalry!
Yes, he caught this shirt! Of course, it didn't hurt that dad and Jeremy were standing behind him yelling, "Birthday boy" and pointing wildly in his direction!!!
Steven, Scott and Jeremy
What's a party without nachos?


Reagan said...

That looks like so much fun! I would love to go to a baseball game...I haven't been to one since early highschool!

Jessie said...

so fun