A Very Late Meme!

I am going to be the one responsible for messing things up! Truth be told, I was tagged over a week ago and didn't know it until this morning.... that will tell you how often I look at all the blogs! But, I have enjoyed finding out fun things this morning about you all!!! So, I will list 7 random things about myself, but I don't know 7 more people to pass this on to who have not been tagged: sorry Hope, you can put someone else on your list if you want to :)

1) My favorite household job is to vacuum! My dad owned a carpet store growing up and taught me the 'proper' way to vacuum - I have many good memories of my childhood linked to large rolls of carpet in a warehouse. (and I just got new carpet in my house this week and I LOVE the smell of it!!!)

2) ... and speaking of smells - I love the smell of chlorine! I spent 8 years lifeguarding at camp, got my certificate when I was 15, then my head lifeguard at 17. I also lifeguarded and taught swim lessons through college.

3) I am NOT sentimental. I didn't keep things like my letter jacket from high school, or awards or ribbons..... not even my wedding dress.

4) I have a deep love for baseball! My favorite date with my hubby is to go to a game - and I am thankful to live in a place that it is not expensive to do so!

5) My favorite food growing up was tuna-noodle casserole - I asked for it every birthday growing up. (so did my hubby!)

6) I love to be a kid again while being a mommy! I think a lot of people just don't have enough fun!!! I'm the mom who takes the kids to the fountain and while others just let their kids get their hands and feet wet, I say get as soaked as you can - enjoy it! Hey, I may even join in!

7) I really am very happy with the life the Lord has given me. It's never easy, never slow-paced, and seldom without heavy burdens to bear (not necessarily my own.) Yet, living it with the Lord makes it all SO worth while, and I can truly say that I have really learned to be content in any situation and I know the joy of the Lord is always available to me - and it's REAL! I have been blessed with an incredible husband, who I still can't figure out why he loves me so much because I certainly am not deserving of him! I have 2 children whom I love so much and enjoy them every day! I have a Father who takes care of me and is patient with me when I stumble, which I think is too frequently. I can't imagine life without having the certainty of my salvation - the promise of eternal life!!! God is so gracious and loving and forgiving - I am not very good at living for Him - but He is so good at loving me!


Jessie said...

I like all your randomness Lynn-you are so very encouraging. Maybe some day Joe and I, and you and Scott could go on a double basketball date. :)

Scott and Lynn said...

OH my! You two would totally school us! That would be FUN though :)

Carl and Tisara said...


Do you guys have any contacts at Vista Bible Chapel - Vista, California? Or know anyone who might?