Ode To The Great Wife

I have a wife who is great
She fills my heart and my plate
She works all day long
in her heart is a song
a loving home to create

She is lovely without and within
She buys and she sells with a grin
My heart gently trusts
In her wisdom that must
be a blessing to those entered in

A WONDERFUL Mother is she
My kids are delighted with glee
they rise up from rest
and cry out she is blessed
Her husband is greatly agreed

She loves the Lord with her mind
dividing the Word each in kind
godly sense is a must
if a husband will trust
in a wife to whose heart he will bind

There is much more I could say
All the wonders this woman display
I love her and when
my time has now been
I'll be glad that with her it was played


Jere & Reagan said...

Wow that's good...Did you copy that off the internet or make that up on the fly?! :)

Jere & Reagan said...

I should get Jere to write me sonnets like that...

Jessie said...

Very sweet

Scott and Lynn said...

thanks babe. you're the best. Love you!!!

HopiQ said...


It is a precious gift to delight in your spouse.