I need a good name for our school... Scott is suggesting, 'The DeGroff Academy for Excellence in Education'... I don't think I'm going for that one. My mom wants me to use either 'Silver Chair Academy' or 'Reading, Writing and Beyond.' NOT SURE ABOUT THOSE EITHER!!!

What do you think???


shawna said...

We were going to do "Sherwood Girls Academy" but alas we moved and are now having a boy! :)

I am no help at all, we need to come up with a name too!

Jeremiah said...

The DeGroff School of Learning and Stuff

HopiQ said...

The kids named our school last year, "God's Little Learners." They chose a rainbow for our mascot and school colors. It was pretty fun! I don't know what they'll think of their choice when they're older. :)