Last week was a great week at Turkey Hill! Scott and I were both pretty busy (speaking and cooking) and so Melissa Walrath helped with the kids - and they had great fun! Thanks to Liz Stiles we have a very memorable day forever documented with these pictures! Not only did Rebekah catch her very first fish, but she also caught her brother's finger! Poor Danny! Dad had to push the hook the rest of the way through, Jimmy cut the barb off with wire cutters, and then the hook was pulled back through the other way! There are no pictures of that part though - just the fishing fun!!! (btw - close-up on R's shirt; it's a new favorite of hers)


dave & rachel said...

Great job, Rebekah! Looks like fun.

Kelly said...

Way to go, Rebekah!! Sorry to hear that Danny's finger got caught too! I hope you only ate the fish for dinner, not the finger too!! Ha!

Anonymous said...

I love Rebekah's shirt. It's so much fun to share these first experiences, even when they may be a little unpleasant and this will become a story for them to share as they get older. :-) My brother still reminds me of when I shot him in the foot with a BB gun. :-(