Goodbye Andy!

When you're loading the dishwasher and your 9 yr. old is screaming from the bathroom and crying hysterically - what goes through your mind? Immediately I thought, did he get into a razor? No, he's too old for that. He does get bloody noses a lot - but it's not usually quite that much of an ordeal. So, what on earth could be going on? I call out, "Danny, where are you" and his voice answers from the downstairs bathroom. Oh great! The only thing in there is the hot water heater - what on earth did he do? I am afraid to open the door and look! Well, I couldn't take a picture of the whole ordeal - it wasn't a pretty sight, and I'll leave it at that... but suffice it to say that I wasn't about to be the one to fish out what he dropped in! So, I'm trying to figure out a plan of action... Do I
a) put it in a plastic bag and throw it in the trash?
b) try to wash it and let it dry out?
I decided that yes, I would wash it, but not with the intentions of keeping it. I thought it would be best for Danny to determine on his own that it truly was broken and that it wasn't going to work anymore. Hey, I don't want him to be thinking I just threw it away because it was yucky if it still worked. After all, the thing was still beeping as he pulled it out.

So, we are very sad. This was a Christmas present from Pop-Pop, who we don't get to see often, and maybe not for a long time. We'll have to write to him and let him know what happened - and maybe the lesson will be learned - keep your toys out of the bathroom! That's what Reader's Digest is for :)


dave & rachel said...

Oh, what a sad face! How disappointing, I'm sure. :(

Jessie said...

Good job mom....poor Danny