The Amazing Race

In an overwhelming victory, the white queso has made a statement!

Despite strongs efforts at the beginning by the yellow queso, its strivings did not last long. The yellow actually took the lead early on, but the white quickly pulled ahead in a bold effort with the result of utter domination! The yellow weakened, and it wasn't long before it was an obvious losing battle. Even the fans of the yellow severely lacked in support. With the multitude of voters backing the white queso boldly speaking out, the yellow voters seemed to 'yellow' away, not even being so bold as to name themselves! The white voters even endearingly termed their 'blanco' queso and not long into the race, the white cheese had clinched the victory!

The family did put into effect the decision that was made by all of you wonderfully willing participants in finding an answer to this crisis. In a breathtaking turn of events, the entire family ate blanco queso tonight and every single person liked it. Actually, they devoured it!!! So much so that there had to be a reminder of the rule - "No double dipping!"

It's unbelievable folks! I never thought I'd see this day - and I have to admit it - YOU WERE RIGHT!!! You have revolutionized us!


April said...

Thanks to your post the other day Brooke & I have a "date" tomorrow to get some blanco queso.

MagenRanae said...

And I am eating some as I type!! :) This is too funny. Is that how you settle most family arguments?! :)

Scott and Lynn said...

Haha - no, but it's hard with 4 people in the family - there's no majority! We used to let the kids take turns choosing for family night, but then it got to be the same thing, over, and over and over!!!

Tuten Family addition... said...

I didn't get a chance to vote but I am all about queso blanco.

If you need a laugh look at the video on my blog. It's hilarious!