We had such a fun weekend! It all started with a party on Friday night - enjoying our last night with Jere and Reagan here at the house. ( we miss them) We had a fire in the pit, made s'mores with Reese's peanut butter cups, sent the kids to bed, and then hung out. I didn't get pictures, but Jere did, so maybe he'll post them :)

Saturday started with soccer games. Rebekah's was first - here are some of the highlights! Rebekah loves to play goalie! She has NO FEAR of the ball, or the feet, which is so foreign to me. I was always so afraid to get hit in the face. The goalie pinney is way too big for her, so she just hangs the thing around her neck - it cracks me up. The rest of the little kids are just always hiking it up the whole time.
This is Rebekah as goalie when she gets bored. Her team is really good - undefeated - so she gets a nice rest! Once she told us she likes to be goalie because she doesn't sweat!

It was introduction day. The kids loved to have their names announced and run down the line smacking all the hands! What fun! Rebekah even tucked in her shirt for this special occasion :)

Rebekah is very quick and aggressive. She tends to lead the pack. This effort led to a goal.
... and so did this one!

We do see a lot of pulling up of the socks also.
Saturday night ended with us going to the ball game with Jere and Reagan. We've been sitting on these tickets for about 4 months - I was SO excited to go!!! Cleveland lost, but that's okay - we already clinched the division. It was a fun game! There were some crazy calls and lots of booing, and Buddy Bell (manager of KC) got thrown out of the game. Jere took the pics of this event too. (come on Jere, get with it here!)

Then on Sunday, we had a great day also! The morning at the chapel was great! It is so amazing to come together to remember the Lord when all the saints are prepared and the Holy Spirit is obviously leading in worship. I was very blessed by the Word and a great time of fellowship.
Then we had the priviledge of having lunch with this lovely couple :) We had such a fun time hearing their story and just getting to know them! We look forward to doing that more.

Thank you Uncle Todd for spending Sunday afternoon with the kids. It is always fun to be spoiled by an uncle! They went out for a special lunch at one of those Japanese places where they grill in front of you and you get to catch the shrimp in your mouth. It was very exciting! Then there was Monopoly, playing with the dog, and putt-putt too! Wow, what a day!

Then, to top it all off, Dan and Cyndi came over!!! Dan is Scott's best friend, whom our son is named after. We always have fun with these two. They are great! We had pizza and then played cards. Todd stuck around for awhile, so we taught them golf, since there were 5 of us. After Todd left, we tried to play 2 0n 2 golf - a new twist! I think Dan and Scott just can't handle not being a team!!! It was very interesting - we had to get a team low score, and you could pass on your cards to help out the next person - then each time we'd switch direction of play so that you'd be passing your discard the other direction. We sat next to our partner... an interesting way to play - in my opinion not as good, but Scott liked it :) We gave that up though and ended up playing Pitch -which I really like!

On Monday I was so tired from all that's been going on lately! We've been up so late and the puppy wakes me up more than I would like! Scott came home with these nice surprises for me! Roses, a special ordered CD of Erin O'Donnell, and he made me a hot Chai! Mmmmm.... I love this guy! He knows what I like :)

So, in all it was a great weekend! Full of friends, fun and fellowship... and ending with gifts! Now, can it get any better than that :) I thank the Lord for such a full life that He has given us. Each day is a gift to cherish from Him!
"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning." James 1:17


Anonymous said...

wow, your husband is amazing!!!! where do you get a husband that is so loving and considerate???

Lonely in USA

Scott and Lynn said...

I feel so sorry for you - I wish every girl could find a husband as awesome as mine!

(You are too funny Scott! You had us all feeling so sorry for some poor lonely girl.)

Cass said...

Love seeing the photo of "Uncle Todd"!!!
We were great friends our year at Emmaus...

Kelly said...

Rebekah is quite the soccer player! I was always afraid of the ball...and lost every game I played...sooo...GO REBEKAH!! :-)

Reagan said...

It WAS a great weekend! Scott is hilarious...I am assuming he wrote that first comment, based on the second comment you left? When I saw that comment I thought "wow not much of the post was about scott, that's funny that she wrote that..." hahaha

Heather Anne Schiete said...

Lynn, thank you for the encouraging verse at the end of your blog! the Lord is so good. Praying for you and your family!
-Heather Schiete

Elizabeth Skiles said...

What fun pictures. :) Good to hear what's going on in your life! :)