Feel the Magic!

'Where Dreams Come True' - definitely a good slogan for little girls :)

Rebekah was asked by Mary Poppins to ride the carousel with her! Rebekah described the day later this way, "Mom, all day long I've felt so light." Me, "Why's that?" "Well, it's like all day I've been walking in a dream!"


Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see how big Sherri and Ginny's kids are getting. My mind often freezes them in time from when I last saw them. What a great family vacation!

Kat said...

Thank you for your nice comments on our blog ... i have viewed yours several times before (must have seen your link on someone elses!)
Anyway, I love yours too, your kids are adorable! And yes we do love living near the ocean, makes the summers so wonderful!
Your disney pics are great!
You are welcome to add our link if you wish. :)
And I read that you are starting homeschooling too, we just started with Haley who is in first grade this year. I think it will be an amazing journey!
Have a great week! Kathy

dave & rachel said...

Looks like you found some photo editing software...what did you end up choosing?

Scott and Lynn said...

I used Picasa, but the only way I can figure out how to blog them is by putting them in a collage! Everything else gives me an error - so I've gone back to putting things in my windows photo folder.

Marcie said...

So much fun! I love Rebekah's comments about feeling so light, she is so cute.