Getting Organized!

Doesn't it feel great to get organized? For some of you, this first picture might now even look nice at all, but if you know me and have been at my house, you'll know that this is the dumping grounds - or, to be truthful, I should say one of them! But, I'm on a mission, and I'm not stopping until I'm finished! So, here's the beginning. My laundry room is no longer full of stuff I will never again use! (I'm only keeping the useful junk!)
My school bulletin boards!

And, last but not least, the kitchen! This is meant to be our prayer board, but I need to organize my pictures still! If you would like to be prayed for, send us your photo! We would love to have this thing as full as we can get it and have you all brought to mind as often as possible! And we WILL pray for you - so don't hesitate to send us a photo :)


dave & rachel said...

I like your prayer board!

April said...

Congratulations on getting organized. It's always such a good feeling when that gets done.

MagenRanae said...

So fun! I love organizing...and I got a kick out of your survey!! :)

Heather Anne Schiete said...

Thank you for all of your advice. The Lord has really been working in my heart and been teaching me new things everday! Sometimes it is over-whelming, but I know that I can alway rely on the Lord with my problems!
How is school going for you and the family?


Anonymous said...

This must be the year for organization. I am currently going through closets and tossing or sacking-up for Goodwill. My refrig. is my prayer board. It I am afraid is cluttered!