Too Late!!

I looked and looked
I had something to share
I looked all over
and no one was there

no one was lost
no one had need
no one was crying
no use for my seed

I saved this seed
all of my life
I sowed it not
too busy with strife

too busy with work
too busy at home
too busy with hobbies
too busy to roam

no time for the gospel
I couldn't fit it in
I was not an evangelist
I just kept this bin

A bin with the seed
the power of God
unto salvation
to scatter abroad

I'd say they don't care
they didn't want to hear
they wouldn't have listened
might've been my fear!

As it turned out
I didn't go tell
the story of Jesus
to those bound for Hell

Well, now I'm in Heaven
and what shall I do?
I can only just wish
I'd invited some too.

If you are glad to know the Lord Jesus and have hope of eternal life, then lets tell others about Him while the opportunity is still here. Our leader wants more souls to be saved. Let's go get them for Him, by His grace and strength and for His glory!


Laurel said...

Thank you for this challenge. I have really been being convicted about this lately and I need all the extra pushes I can get!

dave & rachel said...

Oh so true!

Tracy said...

Amen! As we walk with the Lord each day - may we have our spiritual eyes open... looking for His oppurtunities to plant seeds and produce fruit.

Blessings. :)

CeCe said...

These things have been heavy on my heart lately! Thanks!