We had such a fun time last night with Christian and Abby.

The girls played Polly Pocket for most of the evening,

and the boys ran circles with Aggie all night!

At one point, they were so wound that I had them

gather on the couch for a 30 min. Veggie Tales!

It wasn't long before the hard playing caught up with them and their eyes grew weary.

What a treat to read Bible stories together...and to pray and thank the Lord for all of His goodness!!!

When I tucked the kids in bed, Christian asked,

"Aunt Lynn, since we've been really good today, can we have a treat?"

"Well, what exactly did you have in mind?"

"I was thinking ice cream would be good."

"Well, we don't usually eat ice cream at bed time!"

"Okay then, how about a bandaid!"
(Here's the thing - Christian and Abby are always begging me for bandaids! Our house rule is typically that there has to be blood to warrant a bandaid, but for some reason they are always begging me for them... maybe that's because I let my kids pick them out, so there is usually something princess and soccer. When they come over, I seriously have to hide them or they will all disappear!)

"Let's talk about that at breakfast tomorrow!"

So I go to tuck Abby in, and in her cute little 2 yr. old voice,

clear as day,

she says...

"I'll have Strawberry Shortcake please, and my brother will have Nascar."


MagenRanae said...

This is too funny! I thought all kids were like that! The Johnson boys figured out that aunt Magen and uncle Micah have elmo ones! :)

Tracy said...

That is so funny. lol. :) Hey, by the way - I relate. We have "bandaid lover" over here. I had to stop buying the character ones since they were being wasted. I guess a plain old natural colored bandaid is not NEAR as fun. ha!

It sounds like you had a beautiful and blessed time together. What wonderful memories these cousins will have. :)

Reagan said...

That is so much fun! I bet they love having cousins close and able to stay over!

Crystal said...

LOVE IT! Although I am loving every little stage of my kiddo's lives, I am very much looking forward to these times! Sweet. I love the bible time and prayer in the kids room :) Recently I watched a documentary on Deitrich Boenhoffer, and he and his brothers and sisters and cousins played "baptisms" at this stage, and little Deitrich was dressed as a priest - so cute, and then I have other friends who make believe they are from Little House on the Prairie. Kind of shows what their homes are like eh? Such precious times!