In a little girl's eyes...

There is something so precious about a relationship with a father and a daughter.
Even as an adult, as I have learned that my father is not perfect, nor can he do everything,
nor is he the strongest dad in the world, that relationship I have with my own father will always be special, no matter what.

And now that I have a little girl of my own I have often wondered if she would feel the same way about her daddy. Well, according to this conversation today, I think my question has been answered!

Daniel: "Mom, how does somebody get to be president?"

Me: "Well, you have to be 35, run for office, and get the most votes."

"So, in two years you could be the president if you wanted to?"

"Well, I'd never get enough votes - not enough people even know me!"

Rebekah then chimes in:

"Oh, well daddy should run for president. The whole world practically knows him!"


dave & rachel said...

Hahaha! How sweet!

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is daddy's girl :-) What a wonderful thing to hear.