Game Day

This morning was full of excitement as we got ready for our first games of the new basketball season! The kids wanted to have lots of pictures, so I put them in charge. Danny took pictures of Rebekah's game, and vice versa.
a nervous smile from pre-game jitters

a good team (although, our coaches shirts are NOT a good color for me :) )

upset for getting a 2nd foul good defensive position!

okay - so Rebekah doesn't have quite the camera skills.

Next game I'll have to get some photos of Daniel,

but here are some good shots of his back!

And yes, we did get this one of his front
Really, that is him in the yellow!

Great job Daniel and Rebekah! I am so proud of you for working SO hard!


dave & rachel said...

Way to go, guys! Ethan poured over these pictures. He cannot WAIT to be as big as Danny and play basketball. :)

Anonymous said...

i love you and am so proud of you!! I'll see you guys tommorow! good job on basketball.


Anonymous said...

That's great! I love it when kids take pictures. One time on a field trip a parent gave a child a disposable camera. We were at a Animal Park, needless to say you could only seehalf the animals, or half the people. It all depended on the view. It was so cute, when the child brought them to school to share.