Sleepovers are just so much fun! They give us opportunities to share different moments with our cousins than we usually get. Lately, the activity around here has been 'princess lessons.' And let me tell you, little girls take these things very seriously! Rebekah told Abby the other day, "Now, if a guy asks you to dance, you curtsey and say yes. At least, I think it's polite to say yes."

Tonight, Abby wanted Rebekah to help get her ready for bed. And it was so nice! Rebekah washed her hair for her (of course I supervised, but she did great!) helped her get dressed and brush her teeth, and then brushed and blow-dried her hair! I don't know who had more fun of the two :)Then, of course, there was story time!
Daniel and Aggie cuddled while listening in.

And you can see that Christian took prayer time very seriously!
His prayer tonight was that Rebekah and Abby would have princess dreams,
and he and Danny would have Nascar dreams.
How cute is that?

Abby prayed, "Dear Lord, help us all learn how to get saved."

Thanks Anne and Micah for letting us have such a fun night! We love you all dearly!


Eryn said...

that is so cute! i love hearing kids teach other little ones. i love the sepia picture.

Tracy said...

Precious. :) Yes, time spent together with family, especially little ones is a treasure. Don't you thank God for gifts like these? - you can't buy that kind of a blessing with all the money in the world.

Kim & Dave said...

Princess dreams & Nascar dreams-SO CUTE!!!