Great and Awesome God!!

"Our God is in Heaven
He does whatever He pleases"

I am so thankful today for victory in the Lord Jesus Christ!

I have been greatly blessed recently by the thought of the victory that is ours through the Lord Jesus. The quote above is from Psalm 115. In Romans Paul longed to come to the see the Romans in part because he had seen what the gospel had done in Corinth and Ephesus and knew that Rome didn't stand a chance against the "power of God unto salvation" that would be heralded there!

I don't live up to this but am praying that the Lord will help me to live with confidence in what He will do. I know our God to an extent and I believe Him to an extent but not enough. We have an awesome God, better than anything, more powerful than anyone, etc... He is capable of far more than I sometimes give Him credit for in my thinking.

He wants everyone we meet to be saved and is plenty capable of doing His work through vessels of His choosing. (namely us)

He has promised that having begun a good work in every believer, they will be perfected.

He is capable of stirring the heart of the believers in this land and doing a great work.

His work is unstopable and undefeatable. I thank Him for giving ever increasing vision of what He can do and pray today that the Almighty Lord will open our eyes to see even more the greatness of our God!!

I thank Him for the unspeakable privilege of being a part of this work and by His grace at salvation being drafted unto the winning side of the battle! How can we say thank you? Do we somehow bring Him something that He doesn't have? The only answer of course is a life of spiritual sacrifice. We can put bitter tears on the face of God by cheating on our relationship with Him with love of this world, or... we can delight the heart of the one who loved us and gave Himself for us by wholehearted devotion to Him.

I have SO enjoyed the love of a faithful wife and would be devastated with unfaithfulness. (I thank the Lord for a wife in whom my heart trusts and rests) I want the Lord who loves me to have this joy from His relationship with me!

I have cheated on Him and while I was yet a sinner, Christ died for me. Now... being redeemed by His blood I pray that the bride will be true to the one who loves her. Starting with me.

If you have a heart for it, pray for revival, pray for repentance, pray that the Lord will do a work that all will have to stand in awe of and acknowledge that only the God of the Heavens could do such a thing! If you cannot pray such a thing pray that the Lord will increase your vision of who He is and what He can do!

Take my life and let it be, consecrated Lord to thee!!

Lord Bless You as you strive to honor Him!



Anna Erb said...

"Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told."
- Habakkuk 1:5

Thanks for the encouragement. Our God is so powerful and mighty to save!

Tracy said...

I'm Prayin'! And I'm believin'!

Thankyou, Scott and Lynn, for being an encouragement and blessing to me in how you live your life. Sometimes I have wondered if there are sincere believers in my generation.... and there IS! - you two are some of them.

blessings. :)