We are headed out tomorrow very early for 10 days in Wisconsin.

I just checked the weather, and Saturday is supposed to be -8F.

And I thought it was cold here!

Guess I'll be packing lots of layers :)

On another note - pray for our trip if you think of us. We have 2 youth groups and also 2 weekend conferences! We want the time to be profitable and a blessing to the saints!


dave & rachel said...

Does Eunice get to go along?

We'll be praying for you...hope it's a good trip!

Scott and Lynn said...

Thanks - Eunice just decided tonight not to go - she's been feeling too sick. Pray for her - she needs to go see a kidney specialist.

Jessie said...

Say hi to my grand parents in Oconomowoc. Wayne & Gladys Scheppele-they will be the cutest sweetest ones you will meet. Have fun! What will you be crocheing?

Crystal said...

I am enjoying your blog - even though I can't comment regularly - it is one i check regularly - I feel the SAME way about novels - and I am very interested in the one you mentioned in the last post . . . . think it will be my next book :) I am reading through the LOVE OF GOD by MacArthur, sooo good - we can only understand His great love against the backdrop of His great wrath against sin . . . good stuff!