...from a hotel room

Well, I am sitting here in the dark because my kiddos are sleeping and Scott is with the youth group speaking. There's not much to do in a hotel room with 2 sleeping kids! I took some great photos of the kids skiing today. Just like Danny last year, Rebekah has caught on wonderfully. The first day she spent in class and on the bunny hill. Today she finished all the greens and we are going to hit the blues tomorrow. I just hope I can keep up with them!

The mountains are gorgeous! There is 120 in. of a snow base! Perfect weather for skiing too :) What a beautiful place to be - riding the lifts is so peaceful and one cannot help but to think of the Lord's handiwork and give Him praise! I have met so many believers here too - had great talks of the Lord on the lifts with kids from youth groups all over the place. One lady even shared a prayer request with me. I will probably never see her again until heaven, but it's so cool that we could have true fellowship through the common bond we have in the Lord Jesus! That's something I never grow tired of as we travel around :)

Pray for Scott as he shares with the kids here. We're not just here for the fun,although it certainly is. We want to have an impact on these kids lives, that they might see the value of having an eternal impact even at this tender age. How well I remeber those high school years, and so vividly the time when I decided that I so badly wanted my life to be sold out for the Lord! The Lord used a message that I heard that year to change my life, and prick me out of my lazy christianity!

Well, Scott is back and it's time to play cards with friends :) Catch ya' later!


dave & rachel said...

Glad you're having fun! We prayed for you guys tonight.