Ski trip...

Our ski trip was great fun! It was gorgeous weather for skiing and the mountains were beautiful! Just like Daniel last year, Rebekah picked everything up SO quickly. Day one was lessons, day 2 the greens, and day 3 the blues. By the end of day 3 she had me so worn out... Daddy went to ski with Jay Ball for awhile and I took the kids up their favorite blue run. Halfway down I looked up and they were out of sight, had left me in the dust! I realized then that I had no hope of keeping up with them - we'd ride a lift, and I'd say, "Have fun! Just wait for me at the bottom!"
We get to travel all over the place, but this time we actually got to spend our time all together and really have great family time! What a joy it was to share this with our kids and create such great memories :) Rebekah talked a mile a minute all week long - so we knew she was so loving it! Even on the lifts she'd be talking on and on about the beautiful mountains that God put there... I hadn't realized that she wouldn't remember seeing the mountains. And Danny, well, he's going to be scaring me as he gets older. That dude has no fear - he was just going along with the teens we were with and hitting the jumps some of the time. He loved the terrain parks - the ones I ski around! Oh well, nothing like a ski trip to make a mother remember that she must entrust her children's safety to her Father's care!!!

Dan and Danny riding the quad

View from the Continental divide
My 3 skiiers!
Scott is awesome - I think he's good at everything he does!

Jay Ball


dave & rachel said...

So fun!

Kari-On said...

That looks like so much fun. Now you have Johnny and I in the mood to go too.
I'm glad to hear that the kids picked it up so well. We hope to take Edward when he's old enough.
Thanks for sharing the pics.

Reagan said...

that looks like so much fun - im glad you guys had a good trip!

Tracy said...

Great Fun! - Good times!

You are blessed. :)