My last post left me thinking about all the pets we have owned...I'm sure I left some out too :)
I think it is because of this pattern that I am presently feeling bound and determined to stick it out with Aggie. Every time we get rid of a pet I say, "That's it! No more!" But I have realized I have very little control over it - so if I don't stick it out now, what's next? I really don't want to go back to another snake, personally!

2 parakeets

beta fish


2 bala shark


2 blood parrot chiclid

2 blue cichlids

plecostomus (2)


countless brine shrimp

countless guppies

more aggressive fish - can't remember what they all were called

cats -
Gus, chewy, Percy, Esau, many kittens....

garter snake named Nick

lizard named Rick

present time Aggie

(and there is a dwarf hamster under discussion between Rebekah and daddy)


Shawna said...

haha! that is awesome!

Yesterday at bowling, a dad of four kids was asking mk, what kind of pets she had..she replies, "well I have a fish" He says, "Oh man, your parents need to get you a puppy!" (me inwardly rolling my eyes) umm lets see, they also have 4 kids, and do they have a puppy? NO! But thanks for egging my kids on. :)

Reagan said...


Anonymous said...

That's quite a list! I am lucky in some respects as my apartment allows no pets. People are always trying to get me take this cat or this dog, but thankfully I can say no. It's not that I don't love pets, my landlords dog knows me very well, actually he looks exactly like your old dog Willy, and sometimes when I am watching Smokey I call him Willy.

meesh said...

That list says more about you than your kids! Way to go, Lynn, having all those pets! You are amazing! I do not envy your pet list!