trouble - part 2

So, the next 'trouble' with the police was not face to face. No, because they came to my home when I was not there. But once again, we must back-track...

You may remember this last fall when I posted pictures of our new puppy, Aggie. Well, the story with Aggie and me is this; we have a 'love-hate' relationship. I love her - she is so sweet and fun, and just great to cuddle with and keep me company when Scott is out of town and the kids are gone to bed. The hate part - well, this dog defies all the rules when it comes to training. I won't go into ALL the details, because they won't excite you; but I will share the pros vs. cons of owning a Shih Tzu, according to The Popular Dog Series. With the info. you get here, just use your glorified imagination and then multiply it by 10!

Think twice about getting a Shih Tzu if...

- you hate grooming a dog (or, I would add - you have no time to groom a dog)

- you're an obedience extremist... Shih Tzu can be very stubborn, this is not a breed in which training should be a battle of the wills..it's better to do an end run around the problem...if you meet resistance, just stop for a moment so you can both calm down, and give some love before you go ahead and do what you want

- you're lazy about housetraining...as with all toys, housetraining can be a problem...you must be vigilant...that vigilence should extend to after the Shih Tzu defecates... this breed is more prone to eating its own stool than others (and playing in it, apparently)

- you don't spend much time at home - and no one else does either...(reasons why...)....if the dog owners cannot give the dog attention during the day, that could be provided by a reputable pet sitter or doggie day care

-you're easily conned...the Shih Tzu loves to please her people but also loves to please herself...they will try to get away with murder!

Okay, I know this is getting long, but I have to add that every time we have boarded our dog with the vet we have been charged daily extra fees for 'special grooming' and not only have they suggested we call Cesar Milan (The dog Whisperer) for help, but they have also given us very friendly suggestions for other places we can board her.

...and the rest of the story goes that my 2 children and husband just fell in love with these dogs, had to have one, and taking care of this dog is, at the moment, my most difficult labor of love for my family - and trust me, I am biting my tongue very hard as I write this! Yes, you can bite your tongue to keep from typing those words that want to come out.

And so, after countless baths (a couple due to the rain), and my prior stop by the police, I come home on Sunday night at 11:00, carrying 2 sleeping children in on my own... and I find a NOTICE OF COMPLAINT on my door.

It is from the Police Department Animal Control Office that says they have received a complaint alleging neglect or mistreatment of my canine....

Apparently, a neighbor had reported that we leave our dog outside with no shelter or water. We have 48 hours to get a dog house and make a bowl of water available for her, or she will be impounded.

I seriously wanted to go somewhere and scream! And yes, I did cry some tears of frustration! I think the next morning as I described the whole ordeal to my loving hubby, that he must've felt some of that (I was trying to hold back!), because he so sweetly said, "Just give me the phone number and I will call and take care of it." [Thanks babe, you are awesome!]

I must say at this point, that we do take good care of Aggie. She does have shelter, food and water! The police have not come back by, at least to my knowledge... They did say, however, that we are supposed to register her with the city - now that's one that neither the breeder nor vet told us.

So, now that I got my license plate on the van tonight, I will drive downtown tomorrow and register her. I was trying to avoid driving to the police station without license plates! I am afraid that after this week they just might decide to detain me permanently!!!


Shawna said...

oh my! what a crazy week. That list cracked me up...it could almost read..."think twice about getting a 2 yr old if.."

Any you know, because of little miss aggie, a shih tzu is the only kind of dog my children want! I keep telling them not until we move.

As for the registering the dog thing...this city is crazy! Did you know you are suppose to register your kids bikes as well? So strange!

dave & rachel said...

I am so sorry! That is so crazy! Did you know all those things before you bought this puppy? I am seriously scared of getting a dog now! :)

Kari said...

Oh, I'm so very sorry to hear about your week. We have dealt with neighbors who were just a little too concerned for NO reason. However, they must mean good...or not.
Little Aggie really is cute despite all the work and care. Hope that things will get better soon.

Jessie said...

Sorry Lynn! That does sound so crazy, I hope yo never find out who called in the complaint.
How much was registering her? Shelby is bringing her dog at the end of the month so I am curious at the cost, if you don't mind.
I hope you week goes better.

Reagan said...

Woooww...I wonder who called the POLICE on you?! I just can't help but wonder if it was the lady behind you. Anyways, that stinks and obviously only adds to the frustration. You have been a great example to me of patience and love if it's any encouragement to you :)

bandanachick said...

Wow, crazy story! I am scared to get a dog now too, not that I was really considering it, but I do have moments of weakness every now and then.
Is registering your dog a Topeka thing?

Tracy said...

I'm sure you are a good "Dog Mom". Shame on the folks who reported you. I had to chuckle as you described the dog's temperment and your feelings...because it reminds me a bit of one my children. ha! Life's funny. :)

Eryn said...

your story reminds me of our dog jezebel. i know, i should have never named her that, she tried, and succeeded to living up to her name.
she was a beagle and barked incessently. we had the cops called on her too. so we had to buy her a bark collar. i took her to two obedience classes (one was $200!) and neither one took. she finally ran away for good. thank goodness! noone believes she ran away, they think i did something to her.
you should call ceaser, you could at least get a spot on tv with it!