Sunday at the Ballet

The girls had a day out to see Cinderella at the ballet. Along with R and I was our neighbor friend, grandma, and Auntie Anne and Abby.
Abby stayed awake long enough to see Cinderella appear in her beautiful ball gown, then she fell asleep for her afternoon nap!
And, here is what the older girls did during the long wait for the show to start!


Reagan said...

Aww man, I really wanted to go but ended up taking a nap instead like Abby.

HopiQ said...

Oh, I know you all had a wonderful girly time! I'm so glad you got to go. Special memories. The kids liked hearing from D & R via Heart and Home! They miss you, too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. We just had a theatre group come to school and doing Alice in Wonderland. They only had three people, but it was great. Our kids were mesmerized during the performance. It was amazing to see about 240 kids, grades K-2 sit and watch.

I am sure the girls had a great time, it looked like you had good seats.

Scott and Lynn said...

Yes - we had front row seats since my SIL is in a wheelchair right now!