The Indian Song

A couple of weeks ago, Daniel's piano teacher pulled me aside...
"I have to warn you that I have assigned the Indian Song this week. I'm SO sorry."

You see, apparently boys REALLY like to play this catchy, rhythmic, obnoxious tune OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!

We discovered - yup, it's true!

I had heard this tune SO many times that week, I was so happy when Monday rolled around again - I knew FOR SURE he would pass the song and move on... I mean, I heard it SO many times and I knew without a doubt that he knew it PERFECTLY!!!

So, this week, Daniel is practicing away at the circus song (which, believe me, is NOT much better!) He stops after awhile and says, "Mom, do think that's enough?" "Oh, I think so," I reply! (thankful it is over with)
"Sweet!" he says. "Now I can play the Indian Song!!!"

I would be remiss here not to tell you that although I hated listening to this song over and over and over again; there was something that was drawing me in... and while the kids played outside I thought I'd sit down and try it... in secret of course. Oh, but it WAS fun - and I finally gave in and played it while they were INSIDE - and we discovered that you can do a marvelous duet with the Indian Song, a mom, and a 10 year old boy =)


Reagan said...

This was cracking me up because I'm pretty sure I STILL know how to play "the indian song" and I only took lessons for a short while...It IS very catchy and can be very annoying too!

Melissa said...

This is hilarious!!! The only song my brother remembers how to play is the "Indian Song!!!" And even I can remember how to play it...have fun with Danny and his piano playing...I think it's exciting that he actually wants to play the piano!

Jessie said...

ha ha I remember playing that song-my lessons were not good or long, but that song was so fun. I'm glad you gave in to the "urge" ;) You are a fun mom.

kathy said...

Hey Lynn...Kathy from MN (Jeremy's mom). As soon as I saw the title "Indian Song" it brought back such fond memories of my 3 boys...one after another playing the 'Indian Song' and playing the 'Indian Song' and pounding the 'Indian Song'....even today (not Jeremy) but the other two grown boys will sit at the piano after 18 years and pound out the 'Indian Song'.... and I smile. You and Daniel are making unforgettable memories!!

Anonymous said...

I think that you need to record this duet and post it on your blog for posterity. :-)