false doctrine???

I made butter chicken for dinner, with rice and chapatis. We love Indian dishes that we can eat with our hands.

However, the butter chicken was a little bit too spicy for Rebekah! She took a bite and jumped from her chair for her water, knocking it over... all over the table =) I grabbed a rag and told her not to worry about it - sorry it was too spicy for her (trying to hide my laughter at her overreaction).

So, she ate rice - which is just about her dream meal!

Then she decided it was not quite enough for her little belly.

"Can I have some yogurt? That way I'll have some protein too!"

'Really, yogurt is protein?' asks an obviously ignorant mother.

"Well, of course mom. What, did you think my health book is teaching me false doctrine?"


Shawna said...

hilarious! I think the researchers are pretty undecided about whether yogurt is a protein or dairy. At the minimum a blend of both if it is high quality. 8oz has about as much protein as 1oz of cheese has.

I would love your butter chicken recipe! I love making stuff like that at home.

Lynn said...

I used a Parampara packet - the Indian lady who taught me how to make pakoras and chapatis told me it is just as good and far easier. She said most the Indian women she knows used the packets now!

Shawna said...

ohh, I will have to try it! I use a packet for chicken tikki and love it!

Jessie said...

LOL false doctrine!!! That is great thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love Rebekah. It will be so sad when she grows up to fit her vocabulary. Eunice is always telling me Rebekah stories.
Mom D

Eryn said...

so where do you get that packet? grocery store? can i get that recipe? we LOVE indian.

Anonymous said...

Cute story!!

Anonymous said...


I'm excited about finding the spice packets for Indian food. Where do you buy them--what brand do you buy?