Car talk...

Christian: Auntie Lynn, what would happen if a wok tocked?

Me: Hmm, I suppose I would know when dinner was done!

C: But what if a wok talked?

Me: Well, it might say, feed me, I'm hungry.

C: No, I mean a Rock

Me: OH!!! If a Rock Talked! (I was a little distracted by driving)

C: Yeah!

Rebekah: Maybe our family should speak Spanish

C: Ola

Abby: How do you say grill in Spanish?

Daniel: Well GIRL is chica, and boy is chico

C: My cheek can say 'oh'


The Daniel Den said...

I love it..... keep these coming they help me get through the day.....

Kim Ferguson said...

too cute!

Kim & Dave said...

Ha!!! Ha!!! Too funny!

debbie said...