Today the kids and I went for a morning walk while Scott was out...

They just couldn't keep out of the water!

At first it was just the feet...

But, of course, it didn't take long for the boy to get all the way in!

We were right next to a school where the kids were playing outside. Some of them knew Rebekah from the first night's meetings, and they kept calling to her, "Bekah, come over here. Climb the fence and have P.E. with us." Then they would laugh at the crazy Americans who were in the freezing cold water! Even the fishermen now will wear their wetsuits in the cold water. It was beautiful to us, though =0]

As we were walking along, Danny spotted a lion fish. He was staying in the shade of the pole towards the bottom, but you can see him if you look closely!
The local fishermen here who catch lobster bring them to this building, which supplies Red Lobster in the states!

And here is a little crab coming out for some sunshine

Daddy and daughter walking into the sunset during low tide

Our fruit salad with dinner, topped with a star fruit! (there was also fresh mango in it) We were invited into a lovely couple's home tonight and had a nice visit. They had a parrot that talked and maybe the fluffiest cat I've ever seen! We also tried 'fish fingers' tonight, which is pretty much a real fish stick - MUCH better than the packaged ones!

The Pinder's very sweetly sent us home with some sugar bananas and more starfruit!

We had a beautiful, blessed day.

Scott and I drank our coffee outside this morning and read our Bibles while the kids slept in.

He visited multiple shut-ins and felt that it was a very profitable time. Those people so look forward to visits from their elders each week! One of the kind ladies invited us back for Rebekah to look at her shells later on.

We had a picnic lunch in a little gazebo and watched the fish under it.

Danny had a boy come from the chapel to take him fishing off the docks. This 13 yr. old boy showed up in his golf cart to get Danny, and off the 2 of them went. It was fun to see him strike up a friendship with Gideon, and he is hoping to do more with him!

Scott, Rebekah and I went to get groceries, and I came back to bake some bread for the week. This is the first time I've had to make bread and knead it all by hand. I am spoiled with my Kitchen Aid. It is smelling wonderful, though!

We ended the night reading Our Great Adventure In Faith, the autobiography of Vernon Schlief. We are hoping to read his whole testimony as a family over the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow we need to buckle down on some school work and study time! Having a schedule will be good for us!

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! His mercy endures forever!


Rachel said...

Sounds wonderful! These are going to be great memories!

Anonymous said...

what a great adventure God has sent you on!....didn't know you were going....will be praying for you..I know the saints there will be blessed by having you there...and you will learn so much!
karen carder

The Daniel Den said...


Jessie said...

So fun Lynn! I think I need to see a picture of you soaking in the sun :)
Enjoy your time!

Lynn said...

Jessie, there's not been much sun-soaking yet. The water comes right up to the land, and so you have to wait for low tide to get on the beach. It's been happening in the evenings when we are busy, but I guess it changes an hour each day, so I'm hoping next week we will be able to lay out a bit!