The Miracle of Christmas

We have been so thankful for opportunities to share the Lord with friends over the holiday season. I find it a time where people are open to hearing about the greatest gift of all!

One of the opportunities the Lord gave was to our daughter, Rebekah. She was asked to sing a solo at the Christmas concert for school. She requested to be able to choose the song, which in turn they approved, and we were so proud of her testimony that night! I would have loved to record it, but I was the accompaniment, so the words will have to suffice =0]

Miracles still happen at Christmastime, like they did so long ago,
What began in Bethlehem that winter night is for all the world to know.
Far more than reindeer dancing through the snowy skies,
the Christmas story is the love in the Savior's eyes,
For on the cross He gave His life, to save
to give the greatest miracle of all.

There could be no greater gift than Jesus gave, when He left His home above,
coming down to Bethlehem, a lowly babe
Bringing us the Father's love,
It was a miracle of love that He died for me
It was a miracle of love for the world to see
My sins He took away when He died that day
to give the greatest miracle of all.

Could it be this miracle is big enough to save a little man?
Is the plan of the Father so simple that a child could understand?
Had there never been a Bethlehem when the Savior came,
There would have never been a Calvary when He knew my name,
For on the cross He gave His life, to save
To give the greatest miracle of all!

I'm so thankful for the miracle that happened to save me! I pray that each one of you, too, understand this simple truth; that Jesus came to be born in a manger, obeying His Father and going to the cross to die for you and me. To each one who believes that Jesus died for his sins, and confesses that Jesus is Lord; the Bible promises eternal life with God forever. What better gift can be celebrated this Christmas?

Merry Christmas, friends!


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find the music for this song. Can you give me the author and publisher information, along with any ideas as to where you can find this music? Thanks

Lynn said...

Debbie, this song comes from a Christmas play called Miracle at the Manger. Here is a link to in at Amazon