The unexpected gift

You may remember about 4 months back when our coffee pot died.

It is not a good thing when that happens around here. We are pretty much addicted to coffee.

When Scott and I drink coffee together in the mornings,
he tells me he loves me.

It's a vital part of our relationship!

We also call it the second blessing...

or the nectar of the gods...

Are you getting the picture?

So, I researched and decided I wanted a good coffee pot, but I wasn't ready to spend a lot of money. Everyone kept telling me to 'get a Cuisinart, they're the best.'

I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, equipped with coupons, and decided to go middle-of-the-road. Cuisinart was the most expensive, so that was out. Honestly, I don't even remember what kind I bought now, but it worked nicely.... For about 4 months!

So, back I go, this time determined to find myself a good deal on a Cuisinart. I did! The Lord had put one on sale for me at the same price as the last one. The cashier looked up my last purchase and was willing to do an exchange for me, plus she applied my previous coupon, and I get a rebate! So, in the end, the nicer coffeemaker is cheaper!

... and nicer

... and a Cuisinart!

But, that's not all!

Recently Scott was reading about how freshly grinding your beans is essential to the perfect cup of coffee. Apparently, if you are serious about your coffee, you must have a good grinder!

Since we are serious about our coffee, I looked at machines with grinders.

You already know I didn't buy one. Too expensive, and it just seemed like a frivolity to me. After all, our cheap little grinder works just fine, and we still have freshly ground coffee every day!

And Scott still tells me he loves me!

He didn't really care about the grinder, either, it was just a fun thought.

But, can you guess what happened?

Yup - you got it!

The very next day we received a package in the mail.

The next day, mind you!

From Pennsylvania!

Which means it was shipped before I went to look for a coffee pot!

A friend, who appreciates good coffee as well, decided that Scott needed a grinder to make the 'perfect cup o joe'

And guess what kind it is?

Aren't they beautiful together?

Now to those of you who do not share my passion for my morning cup of coffee, this could seem like a silly little thing. But the reason I'm sharing this story is because it is a reminder to me of just how good my God is!

I love having a God who cares about the little things that are important to me.

A God who loves to give good things to His children when they are walking in obedience to Him.

A God who lavishes His love upon us!

It might just be a coffee pot, but every time I look at it, I think

God is good!

Every good gift, and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.
James 1:17


Kathy said...

I LOVE this story! I fully appreciate a good cup of joe too so this make perfect sense to me! =) And how sweet that you and Scott share that time together each morning.

Janet said...

Love the story Lynn, and yes, you know I am a fellow lover of the "nectar of the gods!" :) Now it's not just Scott saying he loves you in the morning, you can look at your coffee pot/grinder and see that the Lord is saying..."I love you!" too!!! :) Merry Christmas, and cheers! :)

Reagan said...

I'm no where near needing coffee every morning but I know you guys love it. I love that it's essential because Scott tells you he loves you over cups of coffee in the morning. :)

HopiQ said...

Love it! God is so good. He is so gracious to remind us of His care. Can't wait to try out the coffee from your new coffee maker and grinder! :)

~ Rory ~ said...

Hi Lynn! Thanks for sharing your story. It is such an encouragement to hear how the Lord provides for the "little" things in life! Those provisions are a testimony of the depth of His love for us and an evidence that every detail is important to Him! You'll love the Cuisinart...we have the same one...had it for over 5 years and still works like it's brand new! Plus, you know what?! I'm so glad the Lord didn't allow you to get the one with the grinder. I got that one first and took it back, the separate grinder works so much better and cleanup is tons easier! Coffee is essential!!!

Anonymous said...

Karen Carder said:
love your story....God is such a God of details...I have seen that in my life so many times....love it when I hear how He is that for others