Command Central

It used to be in my living room.

Everything went here...
ministry correspondence
bills to pay
papers to file

the answer to almost every question in this house is...

put it on mom's desk

We always hated it in the living room, but it was either that or our bedroom.
The desk itself was super cute, but not the mess that went along with it.

We got to look at it when we visited

(and apparently when Rebekah made doll beds)

We were graced with its beauty every time we ate a meal

When a room opened up in our house, it took awhile to figure out what to do with it.
It started as a playroom
(not for our kids, but for company, which we have often)
but we recently decided it would serve better as an office for me.

I am so excited! I never dreamed of having an office!

So, this is our new command central.

For me, it signifies the next phase of my life.

Things have been changing a lot around here and we are really excited about the possibilities the Lord has been laying before us.
(more on that later)

But, for now, it's slowly coming together!

Here are 2 bookshelves from Target - $16 each
We prayed for the Lord to help us find some reasonably priced

And here is the rest.
$15 desk from a garage sale
free desk chair
my birthday gift of a chair which I love
and a rug I purchased with my birthday money

I have a few more things I would like to do, such as an end table to put my coffee on while I read, some curtains and some things to organize with.

The whole point of this office is not to indulge myself, but to be a tool in becoming a more profitable servant of God. This is a place where I intend to grow to know Him more, to learn more accurately how to 'rightly divide the Word'. A place where I can have privacy in talking with women.

So, ladies, here's my invitation to you... Come on by, we'll visit and pray, I'll make you a latte or tea, and hey, while we're at it, I'll drag out the foot bath and wash your feet!
(bring your favorite nail color)

Blessings, friends! Have a wonderful weekend filled with the joy of the Lord!


Jessie said...

I looks great Lynn! So glad you have a space of your own :) I think once my belly pops way out i will hit you up on the nail polish ;) since I won't be able to do it myself.
I hope you new room will give Him much profit and glory.

Kathy said...

beautiful space! and I love how you've chosen to use your space to bless others. sure wish we lived closer cause I'd def hit you up for a cuppa joe and a quick mani! and of course some wonderful conversation! =)

HopiQ said...

What a blessing! I know you will enjoy that room and echo what Jessie said - may the Lord be glorified by your new avenues of ministry! {can't wait to find an opportunity for coffee and a chat!}

Rachel said...

Lynn, what a good idea to put that desk in there! Love it! Seems like a very profitable thing, to have place dedicated to study the Word and encourage others. I know the Lord will bless your desire to be used by Him! And I'm hoping someday I get to sit and that chair and get some godly counsel. ;) Sounds wonderful!

MagenRanae said...

I love this post, Lynn! You have inspired me to "take back" my space that is supposed to be an office, but that is overrun with stuff! Yours looks so cozy!

The Daniel Den said...

Looking forward to our chat! Thank you for the encouragement and example of using things for His Glory! Love you sis!