Chickpea Madness...

Have you ever been crazy busy?

Needing to get things done in and hurry

so you can move on to the next thing

and hopefully,

just hopefully,

make it down that to-do list for the day?

Recently I was having one of those days. It's been so busy lately, and I feel like I'm always running at full speed. One of my dear friends tells me every single time she sees me, "You look so tired." Usually, I say, "Oh, it's just because I don't have any make-up on." Except I was always wearing make-up. It wasn't helping!

Well, this particular day, I had no time to spare.... or so I thought....

but the Lord has His own ways of slowing me down sometimes =0]

His method this time?

I bet you can't guess!

It was Taco Soup!

I had decided I needed to throw something quick and easy together for dinner. I also didn't want to add a trip to the grocery store to my list. So, I went for an old standby. Taco Soup with whatever can be found in the cupboards... this time being a can of kidney beans, a can of great northern beans, and a can of chickpeas.

Chickpeas is one of those things I bought a few cans of once upon a time because I thought I'd be all 'Martha Stewart -y' and make some homemade hummus. But I never got around to it. Actually forgot I had those cans that came with us when we moved 2 years ago.

As I dumped that can of chickpeas upside down (in the hurry that I was) I pounded the bottom of the can to get the last out, and I saw the expiry date. 2/2009
Oh dear.
I don't really know what the effect on your body of eating horribly old chickpeas is.
I tasted one and it was not good.
But then again, I've never eaten a chickpea straight from a can.
So I bent over and smelled it.
But then again, I've never smelled chickpeas in a can!
Well, better safe than sorry!

Oh, but wouldn't it have been SO much easier if I had found chickpeas and kidney beans and pinto beans? But alas, I had chickpeas and Northern beans! A sea of white! (yes, I had already stirred them in)

So the Lord gave me a nice 20 minutes in the kitchen just sitting there laughing at myself picking out chickpeas from the crockpot!

I got behind on my list, but I had fun.

He knew I needed that forced time to slow down and contemplate on the tediousness of picking chickpeas out of a sea of great northern beans.

And I thought of how grateful I am that the Lord takes the time to keep working on me...

I'm pretty sure I make that job tedious sometimes!

He's still workin' on me,
To make me what I ought to be.
It took Him just a week to make the moon and stars,
The sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars.
How loving and patient He must be!
He's still workin' on Me!


Anonymous said...

So cute...I can just imagine you picking out the chickpeas....Chickpeas probably never expire...you probably could have left them in...smile
karen carder

Hannah said...

Lynn, I just found you and I'm enjoying your blogging! I got to thinking that just like you picked those chickpeas out of your soup, we also need to weed things out of our lives that would soil our purity before the Lord. I appreciated the application found here! Blessings~