The first week at Spanish Wells

Every time we travel I want so badly to tell you all about all the people we meet - that is by far the biggest blessing of what we do!  That and the ministry opportunities, and the ways we are seeing the Lord move amongst His people. The things is, I don't always feel like I should be telling you all about the people and conversations we have, sharing their private lives with the whole bloggy world...  Perhaps I will share tidbits of their stories here and there and change their names to protect their identities =0]  I'm just kidding!  However, here are, at least, some photos to show you a bit of what we have enjoyed on our trip.

Our first look at the ocean!
We love the open skies - it's the one thing here that reminds me of Kansas =0]
Carlena made the kids a stingray to welcome them!
...and Janice welcomed us with amazing Lobster Thermadore!  Yum!!!
Our before pic - hoping the after pic will look not quite so pasty white!
A friend Daniel found

    Here are some things we've spotted on the island...
beautiful flowers

bird peppers (very hot!)


can you spot the starfruit?

a house that I just loved... the porches wrap around the whole house

silly Americans swimming in the water... it's only 80 degrees out

a stretch of beach we love to walk

It's so exciting for me that I get to have fun with Rebekah's hair!  She loves to wear it down and it is very rare that I get to do something with it... but here it is windy and so she has to let me mess with it!

I loved the shadow in the water (from a telephone pole)  I thought it looked like the preacher swimming and a cross in the water.

and another little friend