Week 2 pictures - Spanish Wells 2012

This meal was DELICIOUS!

Walks on the beach with friends are the best!

I really don't know what this is... a little eel?

Sitting at the gazebo with our Papa Scoops ice cream!  Papa Scoops is a local place that has 2 flavors each night.  Our favorite nights are Saturday (coconut) and Monday (chocolate and cherry)

attempt at self portrait =0]

This picture is just to show the whiteness of Bruce's legs... lol

shipwreck from hurricane Andrew - not sure why my family has a habit of doing this pose for pictures

lion fish

my little snorkler (who actually never got in the water. lol)

puffer fish - isn't it so cute?  this guy reminds me of a cartoon character


we met some other folks from Kansas (halloween)

these were the leftovers from Danny's catch of the day!

I love how the sand ripples and looks different every day

see the path this little guy made?

I have no idea what these goofballs are doing.  They stood this way for about  minutes!

Touring a lobster boat... this is the freezer.  It can hold 62,000 lbs. of lobster

This cracked me up - a necessity I guess, if you have 12 guys on board for weeks at a time!

captain Daniel

And, this is proof that I was there... watch for a show on tv following this boat next year!  They couldn't say which show, because they were bound by contract... but it should be good!  Some of these guys are friends of ours.


fredswifesue said...

I've been on a tour of that boat too! And I love the sand like that too. And how small I feel being on the beach like that and yet fully aware that Father, the God of the universe knows my name and knows I there! Thanks for showing.