Spanish Wells 3.2 (finally!)

Catch of the day!
Cleaning part of the day's catch... this is just a tiny little portion of what they caught!


Scotty got me this necklace =0]

A Christmas tree... I am really late to blogging, but this was up beginning of November!

Driving around with friends...

Leaving a little bit of Kansas in the Bahamas!

Scott did not buy me this hat - bummer!

Love working as a family!

What could be more fun for a 14 yr. old boy than sitting on the dock and fishing?

Have I told you how much I loved the skies?  So beautiful!

Sweet friends came to see us off!

The last goodbyes =0[

Proof the little white hat is still going strong!little white hat

Have I ever told you how much I love this guy?  This is a picture of a fun little drive-up ice cream place called Papa Scoops. We are sitting in the golf cart ordering - Scott was taking me on a date <3 br="br">

After - we did get a little bit of a tan =0]