Man vs. Beast

On Thursday, Scott and the kids went out with some friends to try and catch a shark... this is what they came back with... a 5 ft. fish (reef) shark.  We did fry some up to try - it was tougher than the ocean fish, but it tasted yummy.  They are preserving the jaw for Scott, and a fin for each of the kids!

Rebekah didn't want to put her fingers in the eye sockets to pick it up =0]

Thursday's Shark
On Friday, we all were able to go out with them again...  we had such a fun day!  Cress, the man who took us, is known for being bold with the sharks - he pretty much has no fear!  He was in the water spearing fish to get blood in the water to attract the sharks.  Then we baited the shark line and he was hanging onto the line and dangling it over 2 smaller circling sharks to get them to bite.  He finally climbed in the boat, and a third shark came and quickly took the bait!

Scott finally got him to the surface after a lot of pulling and fighting!

This is a Ramora - a sucker fish that attaches to the shark...  the sucker is on top of its head

Getting him into the boat was not easy!

Our 8 1/2 ft. lemon shark - over 200 lbs.  He only had a small angel fish in his stomach, which is probably why he came in so quickly for the bait.  He was hungry!  We got a great biology lesson in that day - his livers were probably about 3 ft. long each!
These are some videos I took of Scott trying to pull him in...


The Daniel Den said...

The kids just said "Scott versus Shark" (Christian said, "We know who won!"
Love that you all have had these opportunities! Favorite picture is Danny's crazy face while holding up the shark.....