David Blaine

Yesterday in Las Vegas David Blaine was filming on the strip. One of the guys from the Good News team, Eric Smith, decided to try and give him a CD, "Nothing Happens by Chance." Blaine's crew was telling Eric, "no", but Blaine came over to him and pretended that he was stabbed and fell to the ground! Eric saw this as a great opportunity, raised his arms, and proceeded to give a full gospel message! He was not only on camera, but had a full crowd's attention! Eric signed a waiver so they can use the footage on national television! Amazing, isn't it, how God works! Pray for the working of the Lord in all the lives this will touch!!!

On another note, please pray earnestly for Alex. Last night as the team was at IHOP, Alex pushed his daughter out of the way as she was about to be run over by a car. Alex is in surgery today, and the team will go see him and share with him about Christ's substitution for his life :)


Anonymous said...

Is this person in a hospital in Las Vegas? And how long will they be there? My friend Sonya Additon works at a hospital in Vegas just off the strip(Desert Springs Memorial)(she's admitting supervisor)and is an alumnus of EBC.

Becky Klingler

Scott and Lynn said...

I don't have a lot of info. yet, but yes, I think that is the hospital!

The Daniel Den said...

It is so awesome to see the Lord work!!!!