Happy Birthday Scott!

I just can't let this day go by without saying how thankful I am for my wonderful husband! He is truly a gift from the Lord in many ways. There is not a better match for me in this world, and I'm infinitely grateful that the Lord brought us together. Happy birthday babe - you are a wonderful husband and father, my best friend! Thank you for being such a wise and godly man and for your infinite patience with me :)
Oh, and by the way... You're still the one!!!


shawna said...

Happy Birthday from us as well!

We love you!

Rex and Shawna

HopiQ said...

Happy birthday, Scott!

Hope it's a very special day.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Scottie D. Love your favorite BEMA Nanny!!

Anonymous said...

Babe,I love you and miss you so much!! Thank you such a nice note. I am soooo glad to be your best friend!!

Thank you to Rex, Shawna, Hope, and the BEMA nanny. I had a great B-day!!