This Land is Your Land...

It was a weekend of ups and downs for the little six year old in our family. And let me just say, when she's up, she's up, and when she's down, she's down! Friday night was full of excitement. Rebekah got to perform at a benefit - one with all the works! The ladies were all in black dresses, the men in tuxedos, and the most exciting of all - she got to perform on a stage!!! And not just talk, but sing too! All of her life's dreams played out in one night :) Here's her practice of her performance at home (just ignore the sick brother's sniffles in the background, and the mom trying to sing along who was not blessed with as high of a voice as her daughter!)

Mom had to stay home sick, but after a wonderful performance, Rebekah received thunderous applause and a hot fudge sundae from her dad!

Saturday was a good day too, since mom was still sick, so Rebekah got to hang out with the family all day and watch videos! She got to see Princess and the Pauper (Barbie) and Hoodwinked!
But alas, she was doomed to get sick too, and by the end of her weekend, the expression on her face had significantly changed.

Rebekah woke up Sunday with a cough and a slight fever, but by Monday her fever was still hanging on and she also had to use a bucket :( The last time Rebekah threw up she was 4 and still thought it was the bucket that made her do it. She thought if she felt sick and could stay away from the bucket that she wouldn't throw up. However, she is grown up now, and if she is going to get sick, she's going to do it princess style!

Then, after watching Princess Diaries 1 and 2 today, Rebekah decided that although she was still not feeling well, that she still needed to look like a princess.

Tomorrow she has to miss school, so then she'll get to see Ice Princess and Ella Enchanted:)
So, although it has been a weekend of ups and downs, I think the ups are going to be remembered much longer than the downs.
And, just for a little laugh, I will add this: tonight while Rebekah was in the bath, she said to me,"Mom, guess what part of my body I am filling with water!" Knowing she knows better than to drink the bath water, I was really stumped at this one. But she had me cracking up when I looked over and she was trying to fill her belly-button the size of a pencil eraser with water! So cute, but I won't post a pic of that one:)


Anonymous said...

i love you and miss you all very much!!


HopiQ said...

Oh, I know she did such a great job!!! I'm so sorry she's not feeling well...we're praying for you all!!!

dave & rachel said...

I couldn't watch the video for some reason, but Scott told us about it. Sounds like she did a great job! It's amazing that she can do something like that at such a young age. Way to go, Rebekah!